Floor Markers and Signs

Pallet Markers

various permastripe lean floor and pallet markers Ideal for seperating distinct areas in warehouses, factories and any areas that need areas designated for specific tasks.

Made from our hard wearing PermastripeŽ or lean material, our pallet markers have a textured anti slip surface and are finished in various colours and shapes.

Bespoke options are available, dependant on order quantity.

Larger Floor Markers and Signs with PermaRoute

Our creation of PermaRoute, allowed us to explore further with our products, due to the removal of restrictions. Our original PermastripeŽ is great for tape of various widths, but due to it being extruded, it does not allow many large shapes.

permaroute forklift floor marker Now with our new creation, we can create larger shapes, such as our walking man and forklift, great for using as, pretty much what they say on the tin, designating walking and forklift areas, and warning people of the latter in areas.

Our PermaRoute material, makes for excellent bespoke options, as it is produced in large rolls, allowing us to create any popular floor markers and warehouse signs. We have started with the two mentioned above due to their popularity, and we have plans to increase the range, dependant on demand as well.

Like all our Permastripe products, PermaRoute offers instant application, with no fumes and minimal downtime, with immediate use once applied.

Please see the colour range we stock below

permastripe corner colour swatches