PermaStripe Pallet Markers and Floor Signage

PermaStripe pallet markers and floor signage are available off the shelf in a wide range of shapes and designs, in various sizes and colours. Manufactured from an industrial grade plastic film, with an embossed surface to prevent slips in the wet. A permanent adhesive is applied to ensure a good bond with the surface. Watch the video to view the range.

Semi Ridged Pallet Markers

PermaStripe pallet markers are suitable for use in warehouses or factories to help optimise workflow and storage. Available in a range of sizes and colours, watch the video to see the range.

External PermaStripe Application

External application for PermaStripe is a new revelation. With the regular occurence of porous surfaces, it is wise to follow the correct procedure to ensure a long lasting, efficient application. View the video below for the guide on external PermaStripe Application.

PermaStripe Letters

Letters allow for clear notification in the workplace. We have the full alphabet available, in 2 different sizes, to allow you to optimise your workplace as you see fit. View the video to see an application example.

How to Repair PermaStripe

PermaStripe is an industrial grade floor marking system, but is not impervious to wear and tear. Should any damage occur, it is straightforward enough to repair PermaStripe. View the guide below to see one method of repairing PermaStripe.

How to Apply PermaRoute Letters

PermaRoute die cut letters are an efficient and durable way of adding a written warning to many surfaces. Applying them is very straightforward, view the video below to see the method.

Why Choose PermaStripe?

This video will help to answer that question… if there are any doubts in your mind at all.

5S Optimisation in the Workplace with PermaStripe

This video features information on using PermaStripe to achieve 5S optimisation.

Why Choose Permaroute?

This video explains all the great benefits of choosing PermaRoute

How to Apply PermaRoute Shapes

A quick video showing the application and benefits of applying PermaRoute shapes in your premises.

How to Apply ColorCovers

Our new industrial strength, self-adhesive frames allow you to make custom signs in your facility. View their application here.