High visibility, glow in the dark floor marking.

Glow in the dark PermaStripe emits a vibrant glow, to ensure safe passage through aisles or walkways....

glow in the dark permastripe
PermaStripe is also available as photoluminescent glow in the dark floor marking. It is just as tough, effective and as easy to apply as our plain coloured PermaStripe, only in lights out or low light conditions, glow in the dark PermaStripe emits a vibrant, green glow to ensure safe passage down aisles in any warehouse, factory or distribution centre it is applied in.

Glow in the dark PermaStripes construction is the same as the rest of the range, it’s properties are consistent throughout the entire material, meaning if it is ever scratched or scraped, then the material will still perform perfectly, providing effective photoluminescent aisle marking. The glow in the dark properties being present in every part of the material ensures maximum visibility, and safety. It’s heavy duty construction ensures that removal is just as easy as application.

With the ability to be recharged by natural or incandescent lighting, it means that this aisle marking should always perform for a functional amount of time.

glow in the dark floor marking night

Sizes Available?

Photoluminescent glow in the dark PermaStripe is available in stock roll sizes of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm in width and 30 metres in length. As with virtually all of our products, we can produce glow in the dark PermaStripe in various lengths, widths and shapes.

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