The advantage of using PermaRoute is it's durable finish and easy application and removal.

Advantages of PermaRoute over Painted Signs

While painted signs and markings initially look good, a space has to be vacated temporarily to allow the paint to not only be applied, but to dry as well.

Once down, it doesn’t take long for painted signs to get dirty, very easily. Over time, due to foot traffic, they will wear out, requiring re-application necessary, thus more downtime and lost production and income.

With PermaRoute…..

  • Instant application, requires little to no downtime.
  • Can be used immediately.
  • Easily replaced if damaged or moving premises.

Advantages of PermaRoute over Floor Decals

Floor decals, when applied correctly, are effective. However, applying them is fiddly, as creases can be caused easily.

The print on many can wear easily too, meaning over time, the sign becomes useless.

The thin material means that upon removal it can come up in pieces, meaning a time consuming removal.

With PermaRoute….

  • Simple application. PermaRoutes durability removes the possibility of errors.
  • The print is protected by the top laminate, so will not wear off, even under heavy foot traffic.
  • When removed, will not break apart.