The key feature which sets our products apart from line marking paint and regular floor tape amongst others, is the thickness of the material. This brings advantages in application, service life and during removal.

Advantages of PermaStripe® over budget floor tapes

Many floor tapes are thin, fragile strips of material – cheap and cheerful, they go down well but soon start to break up and many loose their markings. It’s not long before they stop being effective as a way to guide people around your facility. This is important, because people soon ignore faded and broken directions – PermaStripe stays looking new and relevant far longer.

…with PermaStripe

  • Much thicker than the industry norm and lasts so much longer
  • Better still, when the time does come for a change, our products will come up intact (with a bit of coaxing – it’s good adhesive!)
  • No scraping or messy scratching away of hundreds of fragments of tape

Advantages of PermaStripe® over Paving Blocks

You can’t beat built in paving for durability, but it is not really a versatile solution. Only really suited to major refurb or new-build schemes, pavoirs look great in parking bays and pedestrian areas but fork truck operators and warehouse staff won’t thank you for them.

…with PermaStripe

  • Offers very durable, yet versatile marking options
  • Can be used for high vis – high contrast schemes, or low key, subtle guidance for staff and the public

Advantages of PermaStripe® over Line Marking Paint

line marking paint
Line marking paint seems to be an obvious choice for line markings – it’s been used for years so why change?

The downside is mainly during application and removal.  Each process is time consuming and messy.  Whilst line marking paint is being applied, fumes sometimes render the location unusable until drying or curing is complete.  And removal is always a messy, dusty process.

Also, there’s a degree of skill required to get lines and corners neat – it’s not rocket science, but icons and special symbols don’t just fall out of a tin.

…with PermaStripe

  • You’re sure of nice neat lines and consistent long lasting colour
  • Custom corners and shapes eliminate the inconsistency that painted markings often have
  • The effect is far more modern and business-like
  • PermaStripe does not emit any fumes during application, so is safe for use in catering, food manufacture and pharmaceutical companies.
  • PermaStripe will lift with minimal need for re-working the surface