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Case studies

PermaStripe and PermaRoute applied to factories, facilities and buildings worldwide. See our case studies below detailing real-world uses of PermaStripe and PermaRoute.

Black & White Hazard PermaRoute Available Now

We have extended our PermaRoute colour choices by adding black […]

Green and White Hazard PermaRoute Now Available

Due to popular demand, green and white hazard PermaRoute has […]

PermaStripe High Temperature Tests

PermaStripe is a great line marking material, but as we […]

PermaStripe Calculator

We have added a calculator to our PermaStripe shapes & […]

Putin, Berlusconi, PermaStripe and the Wine

Our 50mm yellow PermaStripe was exposed to all of the […]

Floor Marking Tape for Aircraft Hanger

Recently we have provided one of Britain’s major aircraft hangers […]

Supermarket Warehouse Distribution Centre

A large Supermarket chain wanted to improve the efficiency of […]