A tough, clear warning message...

PermaStripe® with a print and protective surface laminate, to cordon off restricted areas.

esd printed line marking
H6902 printed ESD ( electrostatic discharge ) floor marking material combines the qualities of PermaStripe® and PermaRoute to make a high definition, industry specific, printed floor marking material. Combining the incredible adhesive power of both products, and the upper construction of PermaRoute, means this material will hold fast, whilst displaying an important message for the area it is intended for.

Some factory or warehouse areas need to be free of static electricity, which can cause some electrical components to cease function, and certain chemicals to have a negative reaction, and this happening before they have even left the factory can cause serious safety and financial implications. There are many processes to prevent this, mainly via the use of conductive filaments to prevent high voltages building up on workers bodies. ESD tape can pinpoint areas where strict operations need to be in place to prevent harmful effects from ESD.

Please note, PermaStripe® ESD floor marking is not anti-static itself.

ESD printed floor marking material will cordon-off areas with vibrant visuals that can be clearly seen on approach. Available in 50mm x 30m rolls, but dependent on order quantity, we can discuss your specific requirements to see if we can produce a bespoke solution for your business.

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