PermaStripe® is very easy to install.

Simple hand tools are all that is required for most sites using PermaStripe, but our push-along line marking applicator makes even shorter work of long straight lines. Read on to learn how to install PermaStripe®

Installing by hand

PermaStripe is easy to apply.  As with any adhesive product, surfaces need to be clean, dry and free of loose debris.  To fit, simply remove the backing tape and press into place.  Using a hand roller to increase the bond is ideal.  PermaStripe can be walked on and driven over immediately.

PermaStripe can be cut to length using any heavy duty work knife.  Use of a cutting board and safety straight edge will improve the accuracy of the cut and ensure joins meet up neatly.

line marking applicator

Line marking applicators

Line marking applicators are available for sale or hire depending on customers’ requirements. Suitable for the application of PermaStripe, ensuring perfect application in large areas such as warehouses and stock rooms.

While the material is already easy to apply due to its fairly rigid construction, the applicator means PermaStripe can be laid at normal human walking pace.  Roll changeover on PermaStripe line marking equipment takes less than a minute.

PermaStripe line marking equipment comes ‘flat-pack’.  Assembly is a simple process, but instructions are available here if required. We always hold large quantities of both applicators for hire or for sale.

To enquire about the sale or hire of our PermaStripe line marking applicator, please contact us.

PermaRoute at present can only be applied by hand.

  • Suitable for all roll widths
  • Automatically removes the backing liner, which can then be discarded
  • The aluminium roller helps to firmly press down the PermaStripe, guaranteeing an effective bond
line marking equipment