Aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean......

All the durability of our regular PermaStripe® line marking tape, but with a completely smooth surface.

PermaStripe® smooth line marking tape carries all of the same benefits as our standard PermaStripe® material, with the exception of the embossed anti slip surface. The surface has been left completely smooth for easier cleaning and a more aesthetic finish. While our regular line marking tape is aesthetically pleasing, some have demanded a completely smooth surface to suit the environment it is in, and thus we produced PermaStripe® smooth.

PermaStripe® smooth is still manufactured using the same methods as our original material:

  • Solid, 1mm thick, Homogenous, virgin plastic
  • Chamfered Edges
  • 160mu of high quality modified acrylic adhesive that is coated edge-to-edge.

PermaStripe® smooth is suitable for areas that require very strict hygiene standards, and leave no area where bacteria can harbour. A smooth surface that is not embossed will make cleaning more effortless than previous. The Smooth materials fit perfectly into our line marking tape range, the colours are the same, the angles are the same, all designed to create the perfect warehouse or factory line marking system.

Long length samples can be provided to enable you the opportunity to test our products and provide you with the confidence required. Previously only paint (messy, not durable, area needs to be closed during and after application) or resin (messy, expensive, area needs to be closed during and after application) could be used, PermaStripe has revolutionised the use of heavy-duty aisle marking for warehouses and factories.

Areas that focus on aesthetically pleasing aspects will also benefit from the use of PermaStripe® smooth, its sleek finish complementing many areas that maintain a high presentation standard.

We currently produce smooth line marking tape in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm x30m rolls, in white, yellow and black/yellow hazard. Depending on use and volumes, we can increase the production of PermaStripe Smooth to include all our colour range and increased choice of widths. The SKU is HS6906.

Our range of colours for PermaStripe Smooth at present are:



108 U/1018


black yellow hazard permastripe smooth


107/1018 & 9005


permastripe smooth red white

Red / White

1788U/3020 & 9003


permastripe smooth red


199 U/3018


permastripe smooth green


Green U/RAL 6018


permastripe smooth blue


299 U/5012


permastripe smooth orange


021 U/2008


permastripe smooth black



Smooth White




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