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Product code: H6904

• Quickly create custom signs
• Create any amount of signage
• A4 or A5 options
• Create signs with a standard printer
• Cost-effective
• Quick application

  • Overview

PermaCover allows for anyone to create the world’s toughest and most durable self-adhesive floor sign, with specific information for their needs. Heskins already create floor signs, but, our present printing method is only suitable for large volume production, we print wide width long length ensuring that the printing costs are low but this does restrict our customers who want to create individual, custom warehouse graphics. Our concept was simple; we can create a material whereby the user can produce their own custom signs using any basic, common office printer.


PermaCover has all the properties of our PermaStripe range, customers love the fact that it is thick, durable and has an incredible adhesive. Heskins does not produce anything other than the ultimate quality. PermaCover self-adhesive signs are constructed from a very thick (0.55mm) homogenous piece of transparent plastic film, around the perimeter of the plastic we apply 50mm widths of self-adhesive tape, the tape is 160mu thick, for comparison purposes most self-adhesive tapes only have a coating of around 10mu!

A user simply prints the graphic they want (A4/A5 UK), this can be on plain paper, full colour or black/white, it really does not matter. Once printed turn the PermaCover face down with the pink adhesive release film facing up, remove the pink film from all four sides. Place the printed sign face down onto the adhesive, center it as best as possible. When done press onto the warehouse or factory floor, the more pressure applied the better it will be. PermaCover self-adhesive signs can be used immediately after application.

PermaCover custom warehouse signs come complete with rounded corners to help prevent lifting at the corners, they have a mild emboss upper surface to help prevent slips. The crystal clear film brings graphics to life; it does not inhibit colours. Although primarily manufactured for use as floor signs, PermaCover custom signs can be used on doors and walls too.

PermaCover allows any sign for floor, wall or door to be created with ease and is unique as it is extremely tough.

To enquire further, or place an order, you can contact our sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the Make an Enquiry form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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