Aisle Marking Tape, Line Marking Systems - PermaStripeŽ

PermaStripe is the modern aisle marking tape that has no equal. The product is long lasting, comes with a unique guarantee and is perfect for warehouses, factories and facilities.

Unlike most Aisle Marking solutions, PermaStripe can be instantly applied without requiring any prior skill knowledge.

Permastripe Technical Drawing Selection of aisle marking tape

PermaStripe is different to anything else, its construction makes it completely different to any other product, we even provide a 2 year guarantee (please see below for further information concerning this). PermaStripe has the following advantages;

Please see the colour range available:

2 year warranty

The Heskins warranty for  PermaStripe® is conditionally warranted for 2 years from product purchase.  Warranty claims are only limited to replacement of PermaStripe®.  The warranty does not cover items being dragged, pushed or scraped across such as pallets or transit skids.