For long lasting, highly visible floor markings, choose PermaStripe® or PermaRoute®

Perma Stripe

2 Year Warranty

Self adhesive floor marking tape
1mm industrial PVC
Bevelled edges for super-smooth transit.
Solid colour all the way through


Perma Stripe


Self adhesive aisle marking system Coloured or printed tape under a tough clear laminate. Cut to any shape – stock and custom designs. Roll widths up to 1168mm.


Easy to install

Short and medium lengths of our aisle marking tape can be easily applied by hand, but for longer lengths our custom made applicator is ideal.

Wide choice of colours

Large range of standard colours and the option to produce custom colours of your choice.

Not just floor tape

A complete set of joins, junctions and shapes makes PermaStripe and PermaRoute into very versatile line marking systems.
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Stock colours1110
Custom coloursAnyAny
Pre-Cut junctions and cornersYesYes
Custom shapesYesYes
Standard Roll widths50mm 75mm 100mm50mm 75mm 100mm
Custom Roll widthsEnquire20mm up to 1168mm
PrintSelf colouredPrinted surface below laminate
2 year warranty