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A Floor Marking System for A Manufacturing Site


In 2012 a huge manufacturer of some of the world’s most technical products approached our company. Read how we provided a complete floor marking system.

Seven years ago, in 2012, we received an exciting opportunity. A giant in the manufacturing industry, renowned for creating some of the world’s most technologically advanced products, reached out to us. Their challenge was intriguing: they sought a floor marking system that would not just serve a functional purpose, but would also reflect their reputation for precision, innovation, and quality.

Understanding the Challenge

This manufacturing behemoth’s site stands as a testament to modern engineering and design. Every facet of its operations is rooted in excellence, demanding a floor marking solution that would complement its state-of-the-art facilities.

Paint, which fades and chips over time, would fall short of their expectations. Floor marking tape, though popular, was deemed too low-quality for their needs. Resin, another common choice, presented uneven edges and required long drying times, making it unsuitable.

Enter PermaStripe.

The PermaStripe Solution

While they were unfamiliar with PermaStripe, their trust in our reputation led them to invite one of our sales experts for consultation. PermaStripe’s durability and immaculate finish were highlighted, emphasizing that unlike other options, the work area could be immediately usable post-application. Our ability to customize the product’s color to align with their global corporate branding was the cherry on top. In a short span of two weeks, we presented them with a color palette that resonated with their brand’s identity.

The result? An impeccable 5S floor marking system that not only addressed their operational needs but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their facility. They’re now not just our client but our advocate in the world of high-end manufacturing.

Case Summary


High-quality appearance is non-negotiable, operational downtime needs to be minimized, and the materials must stand the test of time and wear.


PermaStripe’s unmatched durability, neat finish, and swift application process, tailored to align with the client’s corporate color palette.

Commonly Asked Questions on Floor Marking Systems

Why is floor marking essential for manufacturing sites?

Floor marking is crucial as it ensures safety, directs traffic, delineates areas, and fosters efficiency. For high-end manufacturers, it also accentuates the aesthetics and professionalism of the site.

How does PermaStripe differ from other floor marking solutions?

PermaStripe stands out due to its superior durability, neat appearance, and the fact that the area can be used immediately post-application. It also offers customization options to cater to branding needs.

What challenges can arise when selecting a floor marking system?

Factors like the floor’s texture, expected foot and machinery traffic, chemical exposure, and desired longevity can affect the choice. Moreover, some solutions require longer downtimes for application and drying.

Can PermaStripe be customized to match a specific color or branding?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being able to match PermaStripe to specific Pantone colors, ensuring consistency with a company’s branding.

How long does PermaStripe last in high traffic areas?

PermaStripe is designed for durability, even in areas with heavy foot and machinery traffic. Its lifespan will significantly outlast many conventional floor marking solutions.

In conclusion, when it comes to marrying functionality with aesthetics, PermaStripe proves to be the unparalleled choice. The case of this manufacturing titan exemplifies our commitment to tailoring solutions that resonate with a brand’s identity and operational excellence.


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