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Dark Blue PermaRoute Now Available


PermaRoute line marking tape is now available in dark blue. Read about dark blue PermaRoutes application use in this blog post.

We continue to increase the colour options available to you in our PermaRoute line marking range and we have done so by adding ‘dark blue’ as a stock option that is ready for dispatch right now.

In the world of line marking, the introduction of a new color to an existing product range isn’t just about variety—it’s about expanding the ways you can communicate, direct, and keep your facilities safe. That’s exactly what the addition of dark blue to our PermaRoute line marking tape achieves.

Why Dark Blue? Understanding the Impact of Colour

Colours play an essential role in facility management. Each hue has a significance, particularly when it comes to safety and operational procedures. The new dark blue colour specifically conveys a mandatory action or behaviour. It’s a universally recognized hue that commands attention and communicates a sense of importance and urgency.

Blue safety marking, in general, is an effective way to convey instructions without being overly aggressive. It’s subtle yet effective, ensuring that everyone in the facility is aware of the necessary protocols in specific zones.

Advantages of Dark Blue Over Standard Blue

While standard blue is already a popular choice among many, the introduction of dark blue offers a more pronounced, noticeable marking. Dark blue can be more visible in certain lighting conditions, ensuring the marking stands out, especially in areas that may have limited light exposure.

Applications and Uses of Dark Blue PermaRoute

  1. Highlighting Safety Protocols: Dark blue can be used to indicate areas where wearing safety gear like helmets, vests, or goggles is mandatory.
  2. Demarcating Equipment Maintenance Zones: Equipment that is under maintenance or temporarily out of service can be surrounded by dark blue markings.
  3. Directional Guidance: In large facilities, different coloured paths can help guide employees or visitors through complex environments. Dark blue can indicate specific routes or paths that have unique requirements or restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I opt for dark blue when I already use standard blue?

Dark blue offers enhanced visibility in certain conditions, making it more noticeable. Depending on your facility’s lighting and environmental factors, dark blue might be a better choice for ensuring that safety markings are clearly seen.

How does the durability of the dark blue PermaRoute compare to other colours in the range?

All colours in the PermaRoute line marking range, including dark blue, are manufactured to the same high-quality standards. You can expect consistent durability across all colors.

Can I request custom designs with the dark blue PermaRoute?

Absolutely! Dark blue PermaRoute can be customized based on your requirements, contingent on order quantity.

Is the dark blue PermaRoute suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications?

While primarily designed for indoor use, PermaRoute can be suitable for certain outdoor applications, depending on the specific conditions and surface.

How can I test the dark blue PermaRoute in my facility?

We understand the importance of testing before implementing. You can request samples using our sample request form. We highly recommend trying out the dark blue variant in your environment to assess its effectiveness.


Dark blue now gives customers the option in which blue to choose from, with standard blue already part of our range. You can view colour options right here.
Dark blue PermaRoute is available in sizes ranging from 15mm up to 1168mm in width at a length of 30 metres.

In conclusion, with the introduction of the dark blue PermaRoute line marking tape, we offer facilities an expanded choice to tailor their safety and marking strategies to specific needs. It’s a testament to our commitment to continuously enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. We invite businesses to explore this new addition and harness the benefits it brings to their safety protocols.

For samples, please complete our sample request form and we will send them out to you so you can see the colour and quality of our marking tape first-hand.

Visit the website for more information, or to place an order you can contact the sales team by phone, live chat or alternatively complete the contact us form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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