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Manufacturer Demands the Best Line Marking Material


A major UK car manufacturer required a line marking material; they are commissioning their new production line. 

As you would imagine an automotive manufacturer needs the highest quality. They must suffer minimum downtime. The product must be durable and will require no maintenance during the service life. It must be available in a wide range of colours that match standard six sigma practices. The product must be produced in their specific shapes. The product, if required, must be removed clean and not require protracted and difficult removal, removal may be necessary as working areas and therefore line marking systems change around the production line.

All of the above might seem difficult, but PermaRoute was designed from the start to be suitable for high-end applications such as automotive or value-added engineering. All of the car manufacturers demanding requirements were built into the product design. We have now started to supply this production line and PermaRoute line marking material is being phased into the construction. We have now been provided with the designs for the specific shapes. The shapes have been converted into die-cut tools so we can produce the exact size. We have met their demands with PermaRoute by;

1. Providing an extremely durable heavy-duty line marking product, unlike line marking paint it will not flake or chip.

2. Offering a colour range that is expansive. Dependent on the quantity we can produce any Pantone or RAL colour.

3. Giving the option of wide width (1168mm), so we can make to any shape, and our die-cutting capability is accurate to 0.1mm.

4. Designed and engineered PermaRoute to be strong enough to be removed and not flake. Line marking tapes are so thin they fragment and leave behind thousands of pieces on the floor. Line marking paints and resins need difficult mechanical removal and even when complete it is not back to the original finish.

Case Summary

Problem: Requested heavy-duty line marking material that is durable, available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, but is easy and quick to apply and remove.

Solution: Recommended and provided PermaRoute to meet demands. They now have a clean, efficient line marking system that can be changed when required.


PermaStripe / car manufacturer / line marking tape

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