PermaRoute is a complete warehouse and factory floor marking system that allows you to create aisleways and associated signage.

A system that allows you to optimise your warehouse for maximum performance, ensuring a more streamlined, organised, tidy and safe workflow.

use lines and shapes creatively
PermaRoute is a complete floor marking system. We have developed the range to encompass as many floor marking components as possible for warehouses, factories, assembly areas and many more.

With PermaRoute, more than just simple lines are possible, as you can also apply a range of visual aids in your optimised layout to ensure that your premises is clean and efficient, and can easily stay that way.

What can PermaRoute offer?

  • A top laminated surface which allows for clear and vibrant print which will not scratch off.
  • Easy to apply with little or no downtime
  • No fumes or solvents given off, so is perfect for areas with strict hygiene standards.
  • EN13501 certified – Tested for materials resistance to fire.

Durable Construction

PermaRoutes 700mu thickness comprises of an adhesive backed carrer sheet, with it’s durable laminate surface for protection.

We have been using PermaRoute to help us organise our facilities better. For the length of time it has been down, it still looks vibrant and all messages can still be seen clearly.
Customer, Large Supermarket Chain
Download the PermaRoute Brochure