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The Marking Solution for a Multinational Manufacturer


European Logistics Warehouse Aisle Marking: Read about how Heskins worked on the warehouse aisle marking for one of the largest European logistics companies.

Delve into the groundbreaking work Heskins performed for a European logistics giant, focusing on warehouse aisle marking – an essential yet often overlooked aspect of manufacturing efficiency.

In the bustling realm of manufacturing, where every second counts, the logistical layout plays a critical role. In 2010, a premier multinational manufacturer, renowned for producing toothpaste and soaps, reached out to us. Their challenge was unique, one that resonated with many in the manufacturing space but seldom addressed with a sustainable solution.

The Logistical Challenge

Imagine a vast production space, humming with activity 24/7, where production lines never halt. Using resins, a common solution for marking, was rendered impossible due to the continuous operations. Beyond the logistical constraints of drying times, the solvents and odours emitted during the application of these 2-part epoxy resins could compromise the integrity of the products, risking contamination. Paints, another commonly used marking method, echoed similar concerns. They lacked the durability required and were ill-suited for an environment demanding impeccable quality standards.

While the company had conventionally relied on standard floor marking tapes, the outcome was far from satisfactory. The constant wear and tear, the fading colours, and the incessant need for reapplication were a drain on resources and time.

The Heskins Solution: PermaStripe to the Rescue

Understanding the company’s concerns, we introduced them to our flagship marking solution, PermaStripe rolls and warehouse marker shapes. Tailored for durability, these markers assured longevity and vibrancy. They were designed for a single application, eliminating the constant need for replacements. The lack of fumes or solvents made them the ideal choice for a manufacturer concerned about maintaining the purity of their products.

Case Summary


The need for a durable floor marking solution that neither emits solvents nor requires frequent replacements.


The introduction of PermaStripe rolls and warehouse marker shapes, ensuring longevity, vibrancy, and safety.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is warehouse aisle marking essential?

Aisle marking is vital for ensuring the smooth flow of operations, guiding traffic, preventing accidents, and demarcating specific zones, ensuring efficiency and safety.

How does PermaStripe differ from other marking solutions?

PermaStripe is designed for longevity, ensuring vibrant colours that don’t fade over time. Moreover, it’s solvent-free, making it perfect for environments where product integrity is paramount.

Can PermaStripe withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic?

Absolutely! PermaStripe is engineered for high-traffic environments and can endure both heavy machinery and regular foot traffic without significant wear and tear.

Is the application process for PermaStripe complicated?

No, PermaStripe is designed for easy application, ensuring minimal disruptions to ongoing operations.

How cost-effective is PermaStripe compared to other solutions?

Given its durability and reduced need for reapplication, PermaStripe proves to be a cost-effective solution in the long run.

In conclusion, in the intricate ballet of manufacturing, where efficiency is king, the right marking solution can make all the difference. Our work with this multinational manufacturer underscores our commitment to providing bespoke solutions that marry functionality with durability. If your manufacturing unit faces similar challenges, we’re here to help. Let’s collaborate and create spaces that are both efficient and safe.


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