The Marking Solution for a Multi­national Manufacturer

In 2010 we were contacted by a large multi­national manufacturer of toothpaste and soaps.­ The company was struggling to achieve an effective marking solution.­ Resins could not be used as the production and packing lines were operated conti­nu­ously.­ The solvents and smells generated by application of 2 part epoxy floor marking resins posed a risk that the products could be contaminated or tainted, the drying time of resins creates a difficulty as the company cannot afford to section off areas and stop processes merely to allow marking lines and symbols to be installed.­ Paints created similar problems and are also too weak for their appli­cation.­ The company had always relied on conventional floor marking tapes.­ The tapes allowed for immediate use, no smells or solvents but they found them extremely poor quality.­ The tapes always lifted after a short while, they tore and if they lasted past a few weeks their colours soon wore off, the company was constantly applying and then re-applying floor tapes.­ We offered them a marking solution that required merely a simple one-fit application with guaranteed durability, no colour fade (a solid homogenous piece of coloured plastic) and no fumes/­solvents.

Case summary

Problem:  using floor marking tape which quickly fails, no smells or solvents can be generated.

Solution:  Used PermaStripe rolls and warehouse marker shapes, customer is extremely happy and repeatedly uses Heskins for new areas and sections.

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