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What Is Custom Printed Tape?


Our printed tape service provides bespoke orders, allowing you to customise the tape according to your business’s unique requirements. Whether you desire your logo on the tape, specific colours, or custom designs, we can accommodate your preferences. This personalisation adds a distinctive touch to your workplace, making it more personalised and designed to your liking.

Custom Floor Marking: Optimising Workplace Efficiency

With our custom floor marking service, you can implement unique safety measures in your workplace. We offer a variety of die cuts that enable the creation of custom shapes, such as boot-shaped walkways. These markings help guide your employees through the workplace efficiently. The aim of floor markings is to improve workplace optimisation, and having the option for custom shapes empowers you to layout your workplace effectively.

Moreover, custom floor markings allow your company to stand out from the crowd. By incorporating your logo and brand visually, you can increase exposure and brand recognition. This attention to detail demonstrates your commitment to your company’s appearance and builds consumer confidence in your business.

Another advantage of custom floor markings is their contribution to reducing waste. Since you receive a custom order tailored to your needs, you get the correct amount of tape required, avoiding unnecessary product waste.

Versatility in Application

The applications of custom-printed tape and floor markings are virtually endless. In warehouses, they play a pivotal role in ensuring employee safety and creating a well-organised system for navigation. Factories benefit from custom floor markings to establish a colour-coded layout, enabling staff to quickly locate their operating stations and necessary equipment, ultimately minimising downtime.

In construction, you can use custom-printed tape to convey specific messages relevant to the site. For instance, you can clearly indicate “hardhat required” in designated areas to ensure staff safety during work. Similarly, in plumbing, you can use custom floor markings to label hot and cold pipes for easy identification.

The Advantages of Custom Floor Markings:

  • Tailored to your company’s needs and branding.
  • Ability to create perfect sizes and shapes.
  • Die cuts to meet specific requirements.
  • Enhances workplace safety.
  • Improves overall productivity.
  • Sets your business apart from competitors.
  • Reduces unnecessary waste.

Abrasive Options for Specialised Needs

For outdoor applications that demand stronger grip properties, we offer abrasive custom tape on the Heskins website. This anti-slip tape is ideal for areas exposed to moisture and requires enhanced slip resistance. Explore our range of anti-slip tape, available in various colours, or consider our bolt-down anti-slip plates for wet areas. These plates securely hold the tape in place on metal bolts and are designed to resist tarnishing.

In conclusion, our custom-printed tape and floor markings provide you with a unique and effective way to enhance workplace safety, productivity, and brand recognition. Whether it’s for warehouses, factories, construction sites, or other specialised areas, our customised solutions cater to your specific needs. For more information, visit the Heskins website and discover our comprehensive range of anti-slip tape products designed to meet your requirements.


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