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Aisle Marking Materials for European Logistics Warehouses


European Logistics Warehouse Aisle Marking: Read about how Heskins worked on the warehouse aisle marking for one of the largest European logistics companies.

Two years ago we initiated contact to be considered for a rolling contract to supply PermaStripe in 3 colours. The contract was complicated. Our client is one of the world’s largest logistics operations with one of Europe’s most numerous logistics warehouses. The contract required warehouse aisle marking tape to be sent to multiple depots with continual rollouts. We achieved the contract within a short period. The logistics were demanding; the orders were often issued with short lead-time requirements and often large quantities.

To achieve this, we had to ensure that not only were all warehouse aisle marking materials manufactured in time but prepped, packed, palletised and sent to the correct location also. Once this was initially achieved, we had to ensure the system was in place and regulated for repeat orders to be executed regularly and efficiently with no errors.

We successfully obtained this contract, and still supply the Company with aisle marking tape today. Our preparation going into this contract has benefitted us in the long run, ensuring the warehouse aisle marking tape orders can be prepped and shipped with minimal effort, guaranteeing future custom with them.

Case summary

Problem: Multiple delivery locations, short lead-times.

Solution: Heskins ensured that all delivery dates were achieved to multiple sites.

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