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Chemical Resistant Line Marking Tape Required!


In 2014 our stand at an exhibition was visited by a chemical manufacturer who were looking to acquire more durable line marking. Read how we helped right here.

In 2014 we exhibited at CeMAT at Hannover; one of the many companies to visit us was a chemical manufacturer, their comments provide the details for an interesting case study. Their chemicals would corrode line marking tape and warehouse line paint and the company was exasperated that nothing seemed to last. They would clean the floor, correctly prepare the surface, install either the tape or the paint and within a very time either product would be removed by the chemicals. They had a chat to us and asked about our guarantee. I told them that PermaStripe line marking is unique, it really is special. I informed them that PermaStripe is a solid homogenous piece of virgin plastic, the adhesive alone is 160mu thick (for comparison a general line marking tape has an entire thickness including the plastic upper film of 50mu and floor marking paint varies between 30mu~100mu), the adhesive goes all the way to the edge and the colour cannot be removed by chemicals, it is present throughout the product.
The company wanted to take some material away with them, so we gave them a 50mmx10m roll of PermaStripe from our exhibition stand to trial in their location to test the performance. Within a month we already had positive feedback, the product was performing without any change. After six months the decision was made to proceed with PermaStripe for a full rollout, the colour of black was chosen for the aisles as the solvents bleach the concrete floor so the black would be a visual mark.

PermaStripe performs well with chemicals and solvents; the homogenous construction provides extreme levels of durability, the film alone is 1000mu thick. PermaStripe is not printed, it is not a laminate. The colour runs through 100% of the material. When working with harsh solvents we recommend contacting our sales office for sample material so its effectiveness can be tested against your particular formulation for the certainty of application. we offer samples to you for free. Please complete the sample request form to order.

Case Summary

Problem: Required a line marking tape that was resistant to the chemicals used.

Solution: Provided samples of PermaStripe which proved successful in trial applications. PermaStripe was chosen as the full line marking solution.


PermaStripe / chemical resistant line marking tape

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