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Floor Marking Tape for Aircraft Hanger


Recently we have provided one of Britain’s major aircraft hangers with our very own PermaStripe floor marking tape.

Their maintenance hanger was in need of some heavy-duty floor marking tape to highlight specific manufacturing areas. Due to the high traffic zones in the hanger, using paint would simply not be durable enough. So in turn one of our Sales representatives suggested our PermaStripe, this was an easy recommendation as it is made from a 1mm industrial grade PVC, which is extremely tough and has highly chamfered edges to easily cope with forklift traffic.

Production had to be swift with such a high number of rolls on order, to help with the application we gave them the option of using our Permastripe floor marking tape applicator. This sped the process up rapidly to give a practical yet professional look to their working environment. The results were impeccable, as a result, another significant maintenance site is currently in talks for using the complete PermaStripe 5S floor marking system.

Case summary

Problem: Durable materials needed for multiple locations in their maintenance site.

Solution: Provided PermaStripe floor marking tape, applied to a large area with the help of the line marking tape applicator, time spent applying the material was not an issue.


PermaStripe / line marking tape / aircraft hanger

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