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PermaStripe High Temperature Tests


PermaStripe is a great line marking material, but as we offer a 3 year guarantee on it we want to ensure that it works in virtually all environments.

Branching Out

We are having major pushes into the Middle East, not only increasing our marketing spend but also visiting and attending exhibitions in that region along with customer visits whilst reaching out through as many contacts as we can.

Heat in the Middle East

The Middle East obviously poses a challenge due to heat tolerances. Our PermaStripe line marking could sit on a floor in a factory or distribution facility and suffer from exposure to the sun’s rays through skylights or even direct exposure.

Testing Process

To provide our customers with the necessary reassurance we decided to put it through a rigorous testing process at an external testing laboratory, Adhesive Technical Services Ltd.

The Result

The PermaStripe was tested to a long term exposure of 50°C. The product passed with great performance, still achieving a static shear result of 17.9N/25mm.
Considering this was a long term high-temperature test the result was far higher than any floor marking tape would achieve even if tested at ambient temperatures!


PermaStripe keeps proving itself in every field test and in every lab test to be the world’s superior aisle marking product.


PermaStripe / temperature test

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