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Putin, Berlusconi, PermaStripe and the Wine


Our 50mm yellow PermaStripe was exposed to all of the world’s media this week when it was clearly shown used in the Crimean Massandra winery.

Often, the most curious of instances bring together elements that seem worlds apart. Such is the story of how Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, a historic winery, and our very own PermaStripe came into the same limelight.

A Tape Like No Other: PermaStripe’s Global Showcase

It’s not every day that an aisle marking tape finds itself at the heart of an international news story, rubbing shoulders with world leaders. But that’s precisely the scene at the Crimean Massandra winery, where the bright sheen of our 50mm yellow PermaStripe effortlessly grabbed global attention.

With its vibrant yellow hue, PermaStripe did more than just demarcate areas – it highlighted the challenges and the solutions it brought to the ancient winery. The aisles in the Massandra Winery are not your typical walkways. They are narrow, demanding precision in movement. Dust from the age-old walls can settle, making the floor slippery, hence the necessity for a tape with a gentle anti-slip property. And with the winery being an emblem of history and prestige, frequently replacing the marking tape is not feasible. Hence, longevity was paramount.

The Intrigue of Massandra Winery

Boasting a history that dates back to 1890, the Massandra Winery stands tall as Crimea’s oldest winemaking establishment. It has enjoyed a rich tapestry of accolades and recognitions for its exceptional wines. This rich legacy was undoubtedly a lure for Berlusconi, who expressed his desire to sample the exquisite Jeres de la Frontera, a sherry from 1775. This vintage delight is not just any wine; it’s a testament to time and the winemaking prowess of Massandra, touted as one of the planet’s oldest and priciest wines.

FAQs for the Curious Minds

What makes PermaStripe unique in an environment like the Massandra Winery?

PermaStripe, with its durability, mild anti-slip emboss, and longevity, is tailor-made for environments like Massandra where regular maintenance or replacement is not feasible. Its ability to stand out even in dimly lit areas ensures safety and direction.

Are there customization options available for PermaStripe?

Absolutely! While we offer standard rolls in sizes like 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm, customizations in shapes, colors, and sizes are available, depending on the quantity of the order.

How did PermaStripe end up in such a historic winery?

PermaStripe, with its unparalleled features, was chosen by the Massandra Winery as the ideal solution to its unique challenges of narrow aisles, dusty environments, and the need for durable, long-lasting marking.

How significant is the Jeres de la Frontera sherry?

This sherry, brewed in 1775, is one of the oldest wines in existence. Its lineage and the craftsmanship involved make it one of the world’s most expensive wines, adding another feather to Massandra Winery’s illustrious cap.

In conclusion, while the glitz and glamour of the world leaders or the allure of a historical wine might fade with the next news cycle, PermaStripe’s consistent performance will keep lighting up the aisles of Massandra, ensuring a safe and distinguished environment for all its patrons. This event, while unusual, highlights the universality of PermaStripe’s application – from mundane factory floors to the corridors of history.

The photo displays fantastically well how visible and effective PermaStripe is, a relatively dark environment and the product stands out better in the photo than anything else!

PermaStripe is available in rolls measuring 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm with many die-cut shapes and colours available also. Custom options are available dependent on order quantity.


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